Rainy Days are Meant for Library Books

I woke up to the sound of rain pattering on my bedroom window today. Outside, all the pretty, white snow has melted and left us with mud everywhere. The time for tubing and sledding it seems has passed and the dreary weather offers no solace whatsoever to the down in the dumps feeling that has gripped me.

Instead of spending the day needlessly arguing with my husband, I headed into town, signed up for a new library card, and grabbed coffees at the cafe that I haven’t been to in forever. Everyone has been raving about Rainbow Rowell’s books all across the internet. I felt as though I was missing something, but when I found the books on Target shelves, my wallet firmly said no.

That meant a library trip and it just so happened that the library 5 miles down the road had exactly what I wanted, Fangirl and Carry On! I love libraries. I spent much of my early teens in a library. On days that my grandmother would watch us, she’d let me walk the block and a half to the library and I’d spend my days perusing books to read in the summer sun.

I haven’t cracked open the books yet and, disappointingly, there is no sun to read them in. Instead, I’ll cuddle up with my blankets and coffee while I read and dream of the day I get my dream library job.

Here are some shirts I’d love to rock on the job, or any day:





These are all so freaking wonderful! I like to imagine myself walking into work wearing a sleek pencil skirt or a spiffy cardigan with these. I really wouldn’t be who I am now without books in my life.

Bakers Gonna Bake

One by one I want to share my 2016 blog goals with you guys. The first one that I seem to be obsessing over is actually a kind of blog overhaul. I feel as though I am kind of scattered with the kinds of posts that I share with you guys. I love each and every post, but I feel as though there is a cohesiveness that seems to be lacking.

That being said, I’ve come up with a plan that brings in something that I’ve always wanted to do: Food Blogging. I’ve begun the attempt a few times, but never followed through. Cooking and baking are things I absolutely love to do!

But I always doubted myself somehow.

For the new year, I want that to change. Hopefully, I’ll be bringing a geeky recipe to the blog perhaps once a week. That seems totally doable. Right? Please, have faith in me.

In the meantime, here are some tees from Look Human that I’m obsessing over. I kind of need these for blogging inspiration, right?





I kind of want ALL of the Baking themed things from Look Human. The site is chock full of really cute takes on humor and pop culture, including awesome Magical Girl inspired anything, from tees to blankets and phone cases.¬† (Click the link to the right and I’ll receive a commission on your purchase.)

I really hope I have the balls to follow through on my idea this time. I’ll keep doing book reviews, Five Fandom Fridays, Funko Fridays, and peeks into my (boring) life, but food¬† will take the center stage.

Does anyone like this idea? Anyone have any advice or things they’d like to see?