Funko Friday: Five Funko Fandoms I’m Dying For

They seem to be in the back of my mind lately, whispering sweet nothings to me as I go about my day. What is it with these adorable little figurines that makes them so addictive? I usually have a rule about not buying things that don’t have some sort of use. These really don’t have any use other than to collect dust, yet I’m itching to get my next fix.

Most recently I bought Captain America (because I’m utterly in love with him and Agent Carter needed him) as well as Flame Princess (because I’m collecting the cool ladies from Adventure Time). I have those plus the Doctor Who collection, Sherlock, OUAT collection, and a few more.

But I want MOAR.

Outlander: Jaime and Claire


Nothing, and I mean nothing, holds a candle to the face so Sam Heughan, but I still want the little kilted version of him to stand atop my Outlander books. And what is Jaime without sassy and brilliant Claire?

Firefly: Captain Mal Reynolds and Kaylee


Why is it that everyone has Zoey and Wash and Even Jayne, but no one has Mal or Kaylee? I think I saw Mal once in an actual store, but foolishly passed up the chance to grab him. I don’t have a Firefly collection started yet, but this is how I’d begin.

The Hobbit: Smaug


Everywhere I look, you can find the dragons from GoT. They just don’t do it for me. I’m sorry. They don’t. Smaug is the dragon that I need. I read The Hobbit when I was younger and when the movie came out, featuring Cumberbatch as Smaug, I died happy.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

I have finally found a pre-order for the Sailor Moon funko! She even comes with Luna! Honestly, I’ve kind of been putting off purchasing other Funkos because these are the ones that I REALLY want. I’m broke right about now, but work starts soon and you know I’ll be pre-ordering all of them. Delivery date is posted as June. On Amazon, it’s September.



I kind of only want Dean and Cas (the one with wings), so don’t judge me. I can’t really love Sam because he looks so much like an older version of my brother that it’s creepy. And the Crowley funko doesn’t remind me of him at all. He could be anyone. If Dean is my TV husband, my first love, then Cas is a close second.


Cats and Planes, Yeah You Read That Right

I am a bundle of nerves and excitement all at once. Tomorrow, I board a plane headed west to visit my very best friend. I can’t believe that it has been over two years since we’ve seen each other in the flesh. That is far too long.

We’ve both changed a bit since then, gaining weight, growing out our pixie cuts (that I will never do again because I looked just like my mother), and just becoming older versions of ourselves, but we’re still the people that we grew to love.

She lives in the oddball city of Portland, Oregon where weird is the norm and weed may or may not have been legalized. I have to say that this city has been on my bucket list for a while now simply because it welcomes everything odd and strange like myself. Part of me just can’t believe that I’m really going.

Another part of me is dreading the long flight. It definitely won’t be the first time I’ve suffered an East coast to West coast flight, having endured many from our time spent living in California while family lives in New York.

Be sure to expect a lot of Instagram pics! I don’t think I’m even going to bring my digital camera because the phone is just so much more convenient.

In other news, we adopted cat number two. It was a upon a whim that we ventured into the local Pet Smart to look at rodents and found ourselves looking at cats. I fell in love with an older, long haired black feline, but it wasn’t meant to be. She just wouldn’t be playful enough for our rambunctious boy cat.

About a week later, after seeing him desperately try to play with my parent’s dog we decided to get him a playmate. We went to the local SPCA to see what they had and I was drawn to the tiniest black cat. Yes, I really have a thing for black cats. She rolled her head into my hand and I was done for.

I was worried that our landlord would say no. He initially didn’t want pets in the apartment. So, it was miraculous that he said yes to cat number two. Not like they had anything to be afraid of. Since we’ve brought Luna home she’s tucked herself away in every unassuming corner she could find.


Her favorite place so far has to be within the depths of the blankets on the couch. Even Hex saw fit to join her, on a separate couch cushion of course. Their relationship is still new and she’s still really afraid, but mostly he leaves her alone and runs off to eat her food, the prick.

She’s so darn tiny. I feel as though I may break her if I pet her too hard. This will be a before and after photo process for sure.


Binge Baking Because I Can

This weekend I made another attempt at making geeky iced cookies and you know what?

This time they turned out 99.99% better!

photo 3
Hubs purchased something for himself on Amazon so he let me pick out these sweet socks!

I won’t post a recipe for these because, really, I just used the Lemon Sugar Cookie recipe in Ro Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies cookbook. I tweaked it a little bit because I didn’t have lemon available. Instead, I added a mixture of vanilla and almond extracts to both the dough and the icing. It turned out so freaking delicious that I’ve been eating them for breakfast every morning.

That’s okay when your husband makes you do cardio, right?

Annnnyway, I’ve found a sugar cookie recipe that I like and nearly have the icing down pat. The icing was much thicker than the first test, but still had a habit of running. That’s why the moons turned out a bit derpy. Still, I was so impressed with the cookie flavor that I didn’t care. Because it can be cute as shit, but you still have to eat that cookie. It better taste like a freaking food orgasm at the same time.

photo 1
Using wax paper I made a cookie stencil and cut the shapes out with a paring knife. Suck it expensive cookie cutters.
photo 2
Totally ignore the mess in the background. Please?

I originally wanted to make my favorite cats, Artemis and Luna from Sailor Moon, into cute macarons. (Cute French cookies not to be confused with macaroons. No, seriously. Don’t.) I didn’t have almond meal on hand so I began another batch of sugar cookies. This time around I have a bag of what looks to be really fine almond meal (purchased in the baking section of Wal-mart).

My mother-in-law has celiac disease and cannot have gluten or dairy. She bemoans the lack of good gluten/dairy free cookies in the world and I immediately thought of these. I haven’t yet decided what geeky fandom I’d like to approach with this recipe. Comment down below with your ideas and I’ll be sure to share an actual recipe next time.

Also, I applied for the Library job and received a kind of mini interview upon resume delivery. I was the first to apply. I’m filled with so much trepidation and excitement.