Ups and Downs

I’ve been practically dreaming about this library job that I applied to. I imagine myself wearing cute Disney tops and dresses with cardigans while I carefully pick books for reading time with kids. I was all for this foot in the door kind of job that would get me the experience I needed to work at other libraries.

But I didn’t get it. Someone with more experience that wasn’t moving in less than a year got it. Damn myself for letting that little bit slip. But I won’t let this stop me from moving on to other opportunities. If this is what I really want to do, I just have to keep trying, keep looking.

I’m keeping my head up because other great things are happening in my life. Hubs and I have been working out a lot. Three days a week doesn’t seem like much, but it is kicking out asses. The results have been really nice (despite all the sweat and tears, yes, I cry every time). I no longer feel like a flabby mess. Things are pulling back together like they were when I initially lost all that weight.

Also, the tickets are booked! I’m going to Portland, Oregon this year! I am so excited to see my friend in person. It’s been almost two years since we’ve last seen each other in person, a time that is just way too long. Remembering the adventures we had in Monterey makes me so excited to see what we will do in Portland.

All I have to do is survive the flight on my own for the first time and remember to bring my freaking camera for once. I never use that thing and I paid so much for it.

Valentines Day is around the corner and I hope that you are all remembering to treat yourself and your partner this year. Hubs paid for my plane tickets, so I’m determined to take him to see Deadpool and I’m making him a killer homemade tiramisu this year. I’m totally winning on this, too.


Rainy Days are Meant for Library Books

I woke up to the sound of rain pattering on my bedroom window today. Outside, all the pretty, white snow has melted and left us with mud everywhere. The time for tubing and sledding it seems has passed and the dreary weather offers no solace whatsoever to the down in the dumps feeling that has gripped me.

Instead of spending the day needlessly arguing with my husband, I headed into town, signed up for a new library card, and grabbed coffees at the cafe that I haven’t been to in forever. Everyone has been raving about Rainbow Rowell’s books all across the internet. I felt as though I was missing something, but when I found the books on Target shelves, my wallet firmly said no.

That meant a library trip and it just so happened that the library 5 miles down the road had exactly what I wanted, Fangirl and Carry On! I love libraries. I spent much of my early teens in a library. On days that my grandmother would watch us, she’d let me walk the block and a half to the library and I’d spend my days perusing books to read in the summer sun.

I haven’t cracked open the books yet and, disappointingly, there is no sun to read them in. Instead, I’ll cuddle up with my blankets and coffee while I read and dream of the day I get my dream library job.

Here are some shirts I’d love to rock on the job, or any day:





These are all so freaking wonderful! I like to imagine myself walking into work wearing a sleek pencil skirt or a spiffy cardigan with these. I really wouldn’t be who I am now without books in my life.

Happy Holidays and Blessed New Year


SleepyI didn’t really mean to take off any time this week, but it kind of happened. Sunday was Christmas with the In-Laws extended family and Monday was Christmas baking with my mom. Tuesday was for errands and Crtitical Role and today was wasted on Chipotle and buying more Funkos (adding Sherlock and the Tenth Doctor to Tina Belcher, BB-8, and the Eleventh Doctor I also got for Christmas).
Because of BookCase.Club I have fallen in love with Sophronia Temminick or Etiquette and Espionage. I just used a gift card I received Sunday to purchase the digital copy of book THREE. Yes, I’m already on book three. I saved money on the card for book four in case I need it as much as I needed this one. Gail Carriger created quite a fantastical steampunk world filled with vibrant characters.
On another note I’ve decided that if I can muster the funds I’d like to go back to school. It won’t be a brick and mortar kind of schooling. Instead, I’m opting for online classes while my hubs goes to a school downstate. I really want this. I need it to happen. I already spent the evening applying for several scholarships on Unigo. They were fun little scholarships with big earnings that required a simple essay of 250 words each. When prompted to pick a superhero/villain to trade places with for a day I chose Sailor Moon.
My hope is to find a decent, accredited Library Science degree online that will accept my Associate’s Degree. I also hope to be able to find quite a bit in scholarships because I already know how much student debt hurts. After that the dream job would to be to work in a K-12 school library, much like the one I grew up with (yes, my school was that small).
I want to encourage reading, to encourage critical thinking, to prevent bullying, and hopefully work against suicide rates in young adults. I want to wear my geeky fashion to work every day. I want to create cool displays for equally cool books. I want to organize reading challenges. I want to continue writing my own books, even if it’s just the trilogy I was working on.
Let me know if any of you know of a scholarship I can get on board with. I’m nothing but hope at this point. Well, that and perhaps a bit of wishcraft.

Happy Holidays to all of you, the coolest community on the blogger block. May all of you New Years resolutions rock.