Funko Friday: Five Funko Fandoms I’m Dying For

They seem to be in the back of my mind lately, whispering sweet nothings to me as I go about my day. What is it with these adorable little figurines that makes them so addictive? I usually have a rule about not buying things that don’t have some sort of use. These really don’t have any use other than to collect dust, yet I’m itching to get my next fix.

Most recently I bought Captain America (because I’m utterly in love with him and Agent Carter needed him) as well as Flame Princess (because I’m collecting the cool ladies from Adventure Time). I have those plus the Doctor Who collection, Sherlock, OUAT collection, and a few more.

But I want MOAR.

Outlander: Jaime and Claire


Nothing, and I mean nothing, holds a candle to the face so Sam Heughan, but I still want the little kilted version of him to stand atop my Outlander books. And what is Jaime without sassy and brilliant Claire?

Firefly: Captain Mal Reynolds and Kaylee


Why is it that everyone has Zoey and Wash and Even Jayne, but no one has Mal or Kaylee? I think I saw Mal once in an actual store, but foolishly passed up the chance to grab him. I don’t have a Firefly collection started yet, but this is how I’d begin.

The Hobbit: Smaug


Everywhere I look, you can find the dragons from GoT. They just don’t do it for me. I’m sorry. They don’t. Smaug is the dragon that I need. I read The Hobbit when I was younger and when the movie came out, featuring Cumberbatch as Smaug, I died happy.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

I have finally found a pre-order for the Sailor Moon funko! She even comes with Luna! Honestly, I’ve kind of been putting off purchasing other Funkos because these are the ones that I REALLY want. I’m broke right about now, but work starts soon and you know I’ll be pre-ordering all of them. Delivery date is posted as June. On Amazon, it’s September.



I kind of only want Dean and Cas (the one with wings), so don’t judge me. I can’t really love Sam because he looks so much like an older version of my brother that it’s creepy. And the Crowley funko doesn’t remind me of him at all. He could be anyone. If Dean is my TV husband, my first love, then Cas is a close second.


Funko Friday!

photo (1)

I bought these probably around this time last month and have been kind of sitting on them for a while. I came down with an Adventure Time obsession for quite some time. I bought a bunch of games, one for the Nintendo DS and another from Steam. We also binge watched the latest season.

Whoa, that Marceline story arc! I freaking loved it so much that I think I was on the floor in front of the television. She’s always been my favorite character in the series, being a Queen among the lands of princesses. She was sassy, adventurous, rebellious, and damaged in her own way. Plus, I always jive with the brunette in any show.

Lately, PB has kind of been getting my love. I’m coming around to understand that we have similar personalities. She and I can both be very controlling and stubborn. Where I once could have done without Princess Bubblegum, I have learned to love and appreciate her.

Lumpy Space Princess, on the other hand, pushes all the wrong buttons. But, that’s what she’s meant do do I suppose.

Next on the Adventure Time Funko list: Cake the Cat and Flame Princess!

Five Fandom Friday: Five TV Shows I Was Fashionably Late To

Sometimes being late to the party isn’t a bad thing at all. In the case of TV shows, when you’re late to the party there are inevitably at least a few seasons waiting for you to binge watch. Isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world?

Doctor Who


It wasn’t until pretty recently that I realized that this is one of my favorite shows. It began with Torchwood on a tiny screen in my friend’s RV. I didn’t realize exactly where it came from, but I was addicted to Captain Jack Harkness. I mean, who isn’t?

It wasn’t until I moved to California to be with my husband that he introduced me to Doctor Who. While we’d been apart, someone else had hooked him. I simply picked up where he’d left off with the Tenth Doctor and continued to watch until I had to go back full circle to the Eighth Doctor.

Did you know that they released River Song, Rose Tyler, and Captain Jack Harkness Funkos at Hot Topic. I grabbed River right away because she’s my gurl. I’m still drooling over the other two.


Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


I watched some anime while I was in my middle school/early high school years. It kind of tapered off until it held absolutely no interest for me anymore. Over ten years later, I’m reaching for Sailor Moon (and thinking of Card Captor Sakura) with nostalgic love.

Searching for something to watch together, hubs and I fell into Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He’d watched it in his teen years and I agreed to give it a chance. Oh boy, was I ever sucked in. This anime is set in fictional european-esque world with magical alchemy, intrigue, action, and SO MANY FEELS. The show goes right for the heart strings at the very beginning.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer


This was kind of before my time. I think I may have been eight or nine when it first aired, but that’s kind of a good thing. It means that I have ALL of the seasons waiting for me.  Sweet, strong Buffy caught between the life of a normal teen and a supernaturally strong chosen one hooked me.

I have to say that I’m probably only on season four right now. I’m rather impatiently waiting for Buffy and Spike’s relationship to happen. I’ve heard so many things about it and I can’t wait to feel all of Joss Whedon’s feels. That man writes incredible women.




This one I discovered all on my own. I was new to Monterey and had nothing to do with my life back then. I spent much of it perusing Netflix, searching for something to get me through the long days before hubs came home and I was no longer alone.

Sherlock ended up being that thing. The best part? There were already two seasons waiting for me. I was a bit spoiled for a Sherlock fan. The episodes were incredibly long, eating up much of my lonely days. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reminded me that deep down, I had a love for Sherlock Holmes stories that I’d never explored. This capricious, high functioning sociopath and his strong willed, loyal friend brought that into the 21st century in a way that seemed oh so right.




Again, this originally aired when I was kind of young. I vaguely remember commercials boasting the iconic spaceship, but I was ten. Firefly really came into my life during my friend’s visit to Monterey while Hubs was away. She could not believe that I hadn’t watched Firefly before, so she promptly poured us drinks and settled in for the greatest introductory lesson.

I’ll be honest. A lot of that first night was spent buzzed and chatting. But Firefly isn’t something you watch once and you’re done. There’s only one season, but those wonderful characters beg you to come back and re-experience their trials and joys, their humor and tears. Joss Whedon did it again.

I kind of believe that what makes it so great is the fact that there is only one season. It wasn’t drawn out for season after season, much like Charmed or Supernatural (not that I don’t love them). All of the glory that is a show’s first season was perfectly contained within itself with only a movie to tie up some loose ends and, of course, make us cry harder.


These are the five television shows that I arrived fashionably late to, but still adore above anything else. As a thanks for getting through all that, here’s my Funko Friday Tax!

photo 1


Getting my Geeky Friday On

5 Ways I’m Going to Take Chances in 2016?


The first seemed to have just popped up yesterday. My hubs grandmother is a newspaper clipper and the kind of woman who seems to have anything you’re looking for. She was the one who scored us a free wedding cake and secured our apartment once we moved back to New York.

Yesterday hubs came home from a visit with her and handed me a newspaper clipping. On it was an ad for help wanted at the library HALF A MILE down our road. It’s not even twenty hours a week, but it’s more than I’m making now, plus this could show me if I really want to become a librarian!

I’m scared and excited all at once.

The second way I’m taking a chance in 2016 is with my blog. I’m doing a whole revamp to focus it more around geek themed foods, baking to be exact. I love to bake. It’s my zen space. But sharing that on the internet is kind of scary. Baking is a science with so many places for error that most likely I’ll have more mistakes than successes.

The hope is to have a polished blog, a loving following, and more successes than mistakes to show for it.

The third way I plan on taking a chance in 2016 involves hubs. Turns out the school I thought he’s go to doesn’t have his degree. I was happy with that school because I’d gone there and I knew the lay of the land. Now, he’s forced to choose a place I’ve never been to. It means once more learning a new place and a lot of getting lost.

I thought I was done with that once he was out of the military. I guess I was wrong, but perhaps I should look  at this like an adventure.

The fourth way I plan on taking a chance in 2016 involves going back to school myself. I don’t have what my hubs has from being in the military. We have to pay for my school and that makes it feel like a huge leap of faith. I really hope that I’ve chosen the right path. I love books and everything bookish. I hope that the rest of it falls into place as I’m learning and possibly working.

I just hope 2016 leads me to the person that I want to be.

The fifth way I’m taking a chance in 2016 is possibly a trip to Portland! My best friend has been living out there for quite some time now. Last August I had made plans to fly out and visit her, but hubs Military life interrupted those plans. We were forced to move back home and I immediately went into a fulltime job.

I’m unemployed right now, which means sooooo much free time. Hubs offered to foot the bill for me to fly alone to Portland. I’ve never flown alone before! I’ve never been in such a large city before. I’m so excited to finally be able to tour the city with my best friend.

Which leads me to Funko Friday.


I promise I didn’t buy another one, although with Hot Topic HotCash live I seriously debated buying six more. No, this one came as a late Christmas present from the Bestie. She’s the one who reignited my love for Once Upon a Time. I got the Regina Funko in honor of her favorite character and my growing love for Regina.

Bestie got me Rumple.  I fucking adore Rumplestiltskin. I love the actor’s beautiful separation of Gold and Rumple and how some of their actions carry over into one another. I love his love for Belle despite his power hungry, sneaky bitch ass.


Funko Friday: Falling in Love with Once Upon a Time Again

There was a short period of time between our wedding and when I actually moved to California to be with the hubs. I wasn’t working or going to school, so I was left with a lot of free time on my hands and my in-laws Netflix account. I can’t exactly remember what it was that brought me to Once Upon a Time, but I devoured it readily.

I would spend my lonely nights in my husband’s bed watching episode after episode of OUAT on my kindle Fire. There was a time in California when I found season two and promptly devoured that as well, but then I kind of let it just fall away. I forgot about it. I think it was the Peter Pan story line that turned me off. I don’t care for Peter Pan.

My best friend has been watching it in my stead and she’s dying to tell me everything that has happened, but didn’t want to spoil anything. That wonderful woman gave me her Netflix password with the promise that I’d attempt to watch it once more. I didn’t really want to, the bad taste still lingering in my mouth.

But I did. And I don’t regret a thing.

Hubs doesn’t care for it, possibly because he doesn’t know what’s going on, so I watch it while he’s in the cave, playing WoW. I’ve fallen right back in as if I never left in the first place, eating away at the seasons nearly seven episodes at a time.

I’m team Emma/Hook (I call this Swook in my head because lol). I’m all for Regina’s redemption story and cringe at Rumple’s questionable actions even thought I love the crap out of him. I especially love the idea that Emma Swan represents Odette from Swan Princess. Is that even a Disney movie? I’m not sure.

When Hubs and I took a day venture down to the Syracuse mall, Destiny (how stupid of a name, I miss Carousel Mall), I was about to leave empty handed. I turned down a chance to build a Pikachu at Build-a-Bear because I’m a cheapskate. Instead, I ran back to HotTopic and nabbed this sweet Evil Queen/Regina Funko to begin my OUAT collection!photo

My First Funko Friday

It’s really been too long since I’ve posted anything. It’s not like I’ve been busy, either. I had the beginning of the week off and saw Goosebumps in theaters with the hubby (and it’s a lot of good fun, I suggest you see it at least once if not more). The rest of my week has been dedicated to working in a dead tourist town. Why I haven’t utilized the downtime to write a post is beyond me.

I’m sorry I’ve been so lazy. You deserve better.

Will a Funko Friday make up for it?

I think I’ve developed a problem. I bought my first Funko on a whim. It was a Fionna from the genderbent Adventure Time spin-off. I’m a huge Adventure Time fan and they really struck feminist gold with Fionna. She’s a strong character with a body true to women for a cartoon. Her Funko, on the other hand, was kind of disappointing.

She has the tiniest feet that, when paired with a head so big, cause her to tip at the slightest vibration. It was irritating to have to constantly be picking her up. Considering that I more often than not favor female characters I came to the conclusion that all the female Funko characters would have the same tiny feet problem and didn’t buy more of them.

Until now.

I couldn’t control myself. I passed up on her once already and couldn’t do it again. I fell in love with this character and you all know how much I love her. The Agent Carter Funko was in my hands within seconds of discovering it. I was weary of the tiny feet issue, but happy to have my own little piece of Agent Carter for my own.

Her head bobbles!
Her head bobbles!

It wasn’t until I had gotten in the car and was playing with the box that I realized I’d bought the bobble head version. That was cool and all, but the best thing was she came with a little stand! I’m thrilled that she stands up on her own and after doing a bit of catching up on Supernatural last night I decided that I need the Charlie Bradbury Funko if I ever find it.

Not only is Charlie Bradbury a total boss, but Felicia day is THE role model for geek/nerd women everywhere. Or, at least, I think she should be after writing The Guild and building Geek and Sundry (what I called ESPN for nerds the other night).

Like I said, I might have developed a Funko problem.