My Ticket To The Hogwarts Dream

When you see those graphics that summarize fandoms into doors, then they ask you which door you’d choose I always choose Harry Potter. Not that I have any great love for Potter himself, I’d probably say Potter like people say ‘Thanks Obama.’

But, the world, the fantastic magic. I love it. I want it.

I waited for my letter.

You can guess that I was a very disappointed pre-teen. I’ve had time to grow up, but that kid is still inside of me. She thinks that late night Harry Potter movie marathons and Hogwarts inspired bedroom decor are totally cool. Especially when you get sick Voldemort glamour shots.



This set isn’t that nice tea stained color of the map, but I love having that bright white in my bedroom. It’s uplifting and can make a small space seem bigger, which mine needs!


This is an absolute necessity! There’s no lights in our upstairs bedrooms and this little beauty would look wonderful lighting up the space before bed.


This print beautifully depicts that magic that is Hogwarts and the wizarding world. I really like the cool colors used. It’s calming and conducive to sleep, duh. This particular print comes framed, which saves some time and money.


Since I can’t have candles magically floating around my bedroom before bed (fire hazard, duh), I would opt for equally as magical fairy lights to string around the room. Maybe I could DIY, wrapping them around a hula hoop and hanging some winged keys from it!


We watched another movie again tonight and every time I’m reminded just how much the Wizarding World is my happy place. Checking out Pinterest for DIY can be fun. I saw a cardboard DIY Mirror of Erised, an oil burner owl in a cage like a mail owl, and a DIY time turner made from embroidery hoops.

Can someone buy me tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios? Please?

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How to Geekify Your Adult Bedroom

I think many of us can remember having or our friends having super neat themed bedrooms. A co-worker that I had in Maryland did her son’s bedroom with an X-Box theme, complete with the neon green touches. Why does that kind of fun have to end when we become adults?

Why does all fun have to end when we become adults?

Thaaaat’s a question for another time…

Throw Pillows

You can hit up sites like Etsy, Look Human, and Society Six for some really cool throw pillows, these days. Even Bed Bath and Beyond had a cool Star Wars collection that I kind of needed at one point. These little pillows can be tossed on your bed for a cushy, adult touch.

My personal favorites are Evie Seo‘s Book-ish Designs on Society Six. I plan on adding a few of these to my couch and bed this summer when my wallet is padded, like this one:


Art Prints

Blank walls are never fun. They drive me a little crazy, honestly. Especially all white. I hate all white. Why not brighten it up with a framed poster or print. You can easily pick up poster frames at Wal-mart or Michael’s to dress up that college dorm poster you still love. Or you can buy a print of some super cool fan art off Etsy or Society Six.

Dad’s game room got an Art Nouveau inspired Nintendo piece by Megan Lara for Christmas, but I rather like these cool prints I found on Amazon.

Kick AssBedding

Okay, let’s just admit now that we all still want those supersoft Star Wars sheets we had on our twin mattress when we were nine. If you don’t you’re lying to yourself. That’s okay.

There are some sick adult options out there right now between Think Geek and Hot Topic. Even Etsy has something to say on the subject. You can rock the Avengers in a super elegant, minimalist way or you can sleep in the Tardis if that’s what you really want. It was for me for a while.

Or, if you can’t find what you want you can create a color palette to match your fandom. If you love Sherlock, but can’t find sweet Sherlock wallpaper sheets (which must be a thing, right?) then pair some super slick purple sheets with a nice black comforter, preferable in a black on black damask. Cause that screams freaking elegant.


Go ahead and add the final touches. Get that golden unicorn lamp you’ve been eyeballing. I’ve been eyeballing one at Target. Flowers of any kind brighten up a space. I learned this from my BFF who has around twenty bouquets of fake flowers in her studio apartment. And candles can go a long way towards making a room cozy or making it romantic. Etsy has a plethora of sellers offering geeky themed candles, such as Frostbeard, to add scent to your decor.

I bought the BFF this sweet candle for Christmas.