My Ticket To The Hogwarts Dream

When you see those graphics that summarize fandoms into doors, then they ask you which door you’d choose I always choose Harry Potter. Not that I have any great love for Potter himself, I’d probably say Potter like people say ‘Thanks Obama.’

But, the world, the fantastic magic. I love it. I want it.

I waited for my letter.

You can guess that I was a very disappointed pre-teen. I’ve had time to grow up, but that kid is still inside of me. She thinks that late night Harry Potter movie marathons and Hogwarts inspired bedroom decor are totally cool. Especially when you get sick Voldemort glamour shots.



This set isn’t that nice tea stained color of the map, but I love having that bright white in my bedroom. It’s uplifting and can make a small space seem bigger, which mine needs!


This is an absolute necessity! There’s no lights in our upstairs bedrooms and this little beauty would look wonderful lighting up the space before bed.


This print beautifully depicts that magic that is Hogwarts and the wizarding world. I really like the cool colors used. It’s calming and conducive to sleep, duh. This particular print comes framed, which saves some time and money.


Since I can’t have candles magically floating around my bedroom before bed (fire hazard, duh), I would opt for equally as magical fairy lights to string around the room. Maybe I could DIY, wrapping them around a hula hoop and hanging some winged keys from it!


We watched another movie again tonight and every time I’m reminded just how much the Wizarding World is my happy place. Checking out Pinterest for DIY can be fun. I saw a cardboard DIY Mirror of Erised, an oil burner owl in a cage like a mail owl, and a DIY time turner made from embroidery hoops.

Can someone buy me tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios? Please?

Disclosure: These are affiliate links. Items purchased through these links help me buy them, too!

Classy Geek Chic Picks

Who doesn’t window shop on the internet? Isn’t that kind of what it’s for? We all make wishlists on our favorite sites and count the dollar bills in our bank accounts until we can click the checkout button.

My newest obsession is classy geek fashion. I’m talking classic silhouettes with a funky, geek twist. Most of the time I just wear jeans and tee’s to work, but there are days that I want to feel dressed up and still celebrate my favorite fandoms. Here are the items in my wishlist.


This chiffon top from We Love Fine looks breezy and would be cute with a black cami underneath. From a distance it looks classy, but upon closer inspection it has the D&D dragon logo and D20s with dagger and staffs. $35



When isn’t a dress classy? Each dress boasts a scene from the sci-fi world of Star Wars, the pastel dream of Cloud City and the ice blue Hoth. Sure, it’s a little more obvious, but I feel like the silhouette makes up for it. $90

This pretty little beauty is sitting in my Hot Topic wishlist, waiting for my next paycheck to drop. It has the pretty pattern that you would associate with blue and white china, but upon closer inspection you find the Doctor’s favorite thing in the world, the Tardis. $34.90




I Fell Down the Fallout Rabbit Hole

Too often, I sit down with my laptop in my free time and do…nothing. Sure, I browse Pinterest for a while and even tell myself I should be working on that YA story I’ve been planning for years. But, in reality, I do a whole lot of nothing and I get insanely bored.

While I have shit coordination, I’ve always wanted to play video games. Hubs wants it, too, because sitting around and watching anime together isn’t exactly interactive. I’ve always loved to watch my loved ones play video games, from the NES Zelda games when I was really little to all of my brother’s fun XBox 360 games when he was a teen.

While the games I’m looking forward to haven’t released yet, (Pokemon and Zelda) we own a ton of games that have gotten little to no gameplay.


Especially Fallout 4.

I think we each played it once for a few hours when it released and then promptly forgot about it. Which is a waste of money in my book. So, I hooked up the spare computer and bugged hubs for his Steam password.

And holy shit, do I love it. It’s the first thing I want to do when I come home now. I’m pathetically awful and I have to put the game settings on easy just to be able to play, but I’m having so much fun.

Hubs sits along side me, laughing at all of the inappropriate and stupid things that I do. I’m traveling the Commonwealth, calling my companion Cocksworth instead of Codsworth as he glitches over the map, making awful gun sounds with every movement. I’m screaming in surprise as I turn away from my husband to find angry Supermutants standing in front of me, as if waiting for me to pay attention.

It’s been a riot so far. Hopefully I’ll have more stories for you, like the time I made my brother carry a garden gnome across the Fallout 3 map. I’m pretty excited for Fallout: Nuka World and to see what crazy trouble I can get into there.

Do you play Fallout 4? What are your funniest stories? Who’s your companion? (I’m thinking of switching to Valentine soon.)


Things I Love Thursday: the Birthday Wishlist Edition

My birthday is more than a month away, but I’m one of those people that celebrate all month. I get pumped for a day all to me. Last year we went south to the Maryland Renaissance Fair. I’m not so sure what we will do this year, probably dinner somewhere at Destiny, USA (Formerly the Carousel Mall of Syracuse) since we’re so close.

I thought that I would make a pre-shopping list to share the things I’m dying to get my hands on.


The day after my birthday, two authors that I love dearly are dropping new novels.

Leigh Bardugo is the author of the Grisha series and this sequel to Six of Crows is set in that very same fantastic universe. Something happened to one of my favorite characters at the end of Six of Crows so I’m excited to finally pick back up where it left off.

Laini Taylor wrote Daughter of Smoke and Bone, a book I loved so much that I ordered a second copy for my best friend. If I understand correctly, this book is set in the same universe, after the war between the great awful thing and the characters from that series. Confused as I am, I still really want this book.

Charm Beads

I think we all know that I have an obsession with these things. But I haven’t bought myself any of them yet! Now that I’m working at Hot Topic, I can wear my charm bracelet without ruining it and I need to add some cool beads to it.

What can I say? I wear my geek on my sleeve. Or, my wrist, rather.

Fan Art

Specifically, Charlie Bowater’s interpretation of characters from A Court of Mist and Fury. I’m currently rereading it because it has hit the top of my favorites list in an obsessive way. Mix that with Bowater’s devastatingly beautiful art and I’m sold.


These would have to hang in the area I choose to use for art and writing. Hopefully, it would inspire me to reach for Bowater and Maas’s levels of awesome.

Suicide Squad: The Review (Spoiler Free!)

First, let me apologize for being away.

I haven’t been very faithful to this blog. Not at all.

I needed to change things up and thought that abandoning Girl Getting Geeky altogether was the right thing to do. Then I faltered on the new blog. And I began to miss this one.

I made a mistake.

But I’m back! And with a Suicide Squad review to boot!

Hubs and I walked to the nearest theater, yes WALKED (because so much has changed!). And we totally got the Suicide Squad concession swag at the counter. I couldn’t help myself.

I don’t know if it was the theater that got stuck with the B-movie trailers before hand (like Kong: Skull Island), or if Suicide Squad got stuck with them…but that’s not what we’re here for.

It opens just how we all expect, because we’ve seen a lot of these scenes already. Deadshot in his jail cell. Harley in her’s. The while intro plays out as expected because they really didn’t hide much in the trailers. Not at all. We know who is who and why everyone is there.

I can roll with that. I’ll give it a chance.

And, honestly, it’s not a bad movie. I mean, it’s not mind blowing by any means, but I’m not going to shoot it down either. There are moments that tug at the heart strings. There are moments that make you giggle. And there are moments that make you want to punch the air in excitement.

But here are my complaints: Katana had so little personality. Almost to the point of none. She was just Badass With Blade. And there was so little about the plot that was actually surprising. There were several minion fights before the big boss battle and even that felt, not so much weak, but lacking somehow.

Then there’s the hottest couple in Gotham. The movie is worth it for these two alone. Jared Leto, as in the front man for 30 Seconds to Mars, made the most ganster, whacked out, unpredictable Joker that I’ve ever seen. I’m leaning towards actually liking the Joker and I’ve never been a fan of him at all.  The fact that he was so wildly unpredictable in every way was what really made him his own Joker, the best (in my opinion).

Harley, played by the beautiful and fucking talented Margot Robbie,  was full of unabashed sass and blatant disregard for everything NOT Joker. Her love for him played a bigger role in the movie that I originally thought. Despite their dysfunctional relationship, her feelings for him drive her.

I’m not a Harley Quinn fan at all, either. I don’t like people that focus their entire lives around their partner, especially one that doesn’t seem to care about them. The relationship they have in this movie makes it easier for me to fall in love with DC’s most whacked out duo.


Geek Girl x Blogger Gift Exchange!


I love this group that I joined on Facebook. The girls of Geek Girl x Bloggers are a great community. A family, even. Everyone in the group loves to interact and support one another. When Danielle of From Girlie to Nerdy suggested another gift exchange I hopped on board.

Of course I didn’t know what I was doing at the time and ruined the surprise of the secret santa style exchange, but…oh well! I think it allowed me to get someone a really cool gift that I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this person loves.

On the flip side:

photo (6)

Danielle seemed to know exactly what I loved! Then again, I do talk about these two fandoms an awful lot. Sailor Moon defined my early childhood in a way that taught me that Feminism is being girly and freaking awesome. Studio Ghibli came a little later, a head long tumble into this emotionally wrought world.

Danielle caught me talking about how I’d like to make a Sailor Moon biker vest with patches and bought me this adorable little patch, about two inches in diameter. It’s definitely going on the denim vest sitting in my closet (when I think it fits again).

The little pouch is super adorable, but begging for a reason. On one side is this super cute Totoro and on the other side is the Catbus, which you hardly ever see in comparison to Totoro. I have too much loose change to fit into this little pouch (because hubs is allergic to nickel, so it all ends up in my purse), but I’m hoping I can fit a stash of chapsticks inside it.

I’m never without my Burt’s Bees.

Thank you so much, Danielle! I love this so much.

My Summer Wishlist

Work is starting back up for me TODAY. I’m typing in that little bit of spare time before I need to get my butt up and get dressed. I’m not so much excited for the work, but for the money I could be making.

I can be pretty shallow. So bear with me.

New Tattoo

I haven’t decided on exactly what I want to get, but I know I’m ready for a new tattoo this summer. A number of ideas have already crossed my mind. I’d love a Luna tattoo of a cat head silhouette with the crescent moon in negative. Another idea was a watercolor quill with a book quote around it (although that might be packing too much into a small space). Or, something on my back since it is still pristine.


I have wanted a kayak for years now. I grew up on the St. Lawrence river and will be moving down to Lake Ontario in the fall. I love being near water, but I’ve never spent much time on it. It’s about time that I venture out and explore these water bodies and the absolutely beautiful scenery that goes with it.

Subscription Boxes

Since I will have a dependable income soon, I want to invest in at least two re-occurring boxes. One, I would like to be BookCase.Club. For ten dollars a month, they send you two books of your preferred theme. I was totally thrilled with their YA box and wouldn’t mind their Paranormal Romance box either. The other box I would like to get would be an art supply box. Sketchbox and Art Snacks both send pens, pencils, markers and what have you right to your door. Ugh. WANT.

A New Phone

I’m still working with an iPhone 4. Not a 4s. A 4. I hate this thing.

Yet, for some reason or another I cannot manage to break it. I mean, I’m not trying, but I am very accident prone and it seems to be wonderfully resilient. Too bad it stopped updating and I can no longer download fun apps. I’m so sick of this phone and I cannot wait to update to a newer Galaxy.

Goodbye iPhone.