Classy Geek Chic Picks

Who doesn’t window shop on the internet? Isn’t that kind of what it’s for? We all make wishlists on our favorite sites and count the dollar bills in our bank accounts until we can click the checkout button.

My newest obsession is classy geek fashion. I’m talking classic silhouettes with a funky, geek twist. Most of the time I just wear jeans and tee’s to work, but there are days that I want to feel dressed up and still celebrate my favorite fandoms. Here are the items in my wishlist.


This chiffon top from We Love Fine looks breezy and would be cute with a black cami underneath. From a distance it looks classy, but upon closer inspection it has the D&D dragon logo and D20s with dagger and staffs. $35



When isn’t a dress classy? Each dress boasts a scene from the sci-fi world of Star Wars, the pastel dream of Cloud City and the ice blue Hoth. Sure, it’s a little more obvious, but I feel like the silhouette makes up for it. $90

This pretty little beauty is sitting in my Hot Topic wishlist, waiting for my next paycheck to drop. It has the pretty pattern that you would associate with blue and white china, but upon closer inspection you find the Doctor’s favorite thing in the world, the Tardis. $34.90




My Youtube Addiction: Speed Painting

Every morning that I have a little time to enjoy my coffee, I prop open my laptop and pull up Youtube. Usually, my husband is still asleep so I don’t have to listen to him complain about the sound coming from my end of the house.

Growing up, I loved to draw. At first, I did little fashion sketches with the dream of becoming a fashion designer. Later on, I did more character sketches. I pulled people from my head and brought them to paper the best that I could. Through my high school and college years, my drawing filled the edges of my notebooks. It was a mechanism that helped me to better pay attention.

But, I never really took it seriously. Writing was my calling, I threw all of myself into and let the sketches become doodles. Now, I’m wishing that I’d kept up with it, that I’d learned more.

I don’t know if I’m telling myself I’d learn anything from watching these speed paintings or if I just long for the ability to do these things myself (without actually having to work at it, of course). But I let myself fall head long into binges.

Audra Auclair

Audra No FaceThere’s something creepily ethereal about all of Audra Auclair’s paintings that I absolutely love. The best part is that sometimes she takes on fandoms that I love as well. Someday, I want to frame all of her Ghibli paintings and hang them in my home.

Jacquelin Deleon

Jacqueline deleon

I love the graphic nature of her paintings, the heavy outline that makes them so striking. Jacquelin Deleon often paints otherworldly, tattooed women, goddesses, and mermaids. Her ability to create depth with vibrant watercolors makes me so jealous.

Victoria Gedvillas


Going by the name of Juicy Ink on youtube, Victoria Gedvillas posts videos the most often, I think. She doesn’t actually paint that much, opting to use copic markers for all of her adorable character drawings. I’ve learned the power of the thumbnail sketch and color study by watching her videos. She loves to take on the coolest women in all of the fandoms, slowly dragging me deeper and deeper into her youtube channel.

Instead of watching these, I really should go upstairs and gather my sketchbooks and watercolors. Perhaps I’ll put these videos on in the background, their lovely music playing in the background.

Disclaimer: All rights to these photos belong to the artists who made them. I just wanted to give them all the shout out that they deserve because they’re all pretty awesome at what they do.


What’s New Under the Sun and Moon? Pokemon, that’s right.

While we’re all still freaking out over Pokemon Go, there’s still a new handheld system game fastly approaching. Pokemon Sun and Moon is slated to release this November (I already told the Hubs that it’s his Christmas present), and the Hawaiian set up has brought us some new pokemon!

First of all, how can you hate on any of these starters?

Litten is our very own fire cat. And, like any cat, it secretly hates everything. Then, we have adorably cute and silly Popplio. He is a classified as a sea lion pokemon and hopefully he grows into that name. Finally, there is my personal favorite, Rowlet.


But even more than that has dropped according to, where they break down all the games into their generations for you. Here’s some of the more adorable pokemon of this gen.

First in this line up is Komala, the koala pokemon. It’s a sleeper pokemon, fighting even while sleeping. If it ever looses it’s log the poor thing won’t be able to sleep. It’s said to even cling to the arm of it’s trainer. Isn’t that cute?

Then we have Mimikyu, the ghost pokemon pretending to be a Pikachu just so someone will be it’s friend. It’s body is covered in a Pikachu shaped sheet and you can see it’s eyes on the belly. I definitely want to be this ghost’s friend.

Rockruff is a rock type puppy that won’t back down from any fight. It is said that howling near dusk is a sign that this little pup is close to evolving.

Togedemaru is the new electric-steel hedgehog that I just have to to have! His little spikes in the back rise when he is attacking.These tiny little psychos like to act as lightning rods.

There are a lot more pokemon released for this new version, so go check them out on I can’t say that they’re all as cute as this line up. Shit gets weird on the Alola islands; I mean, just look at Bruxish.

Are you as excited for this game to drop as I am? Or, are you still happy to play Pokemon Go and want a second gen release?

Even Superheroes were Teenagers

While browsing instagram, the social media site boasted a photo of one of my fave authors in the new stories feature. I kind of fell into a rabbit hole after clicking the profile link and found out something that I may or may not have already known:

Leigh Bardugo is working on a Wonder Woman young adult novel.


Are you kidding me? I am a a screaming mess of excitement rolling on the floor right now. At least I am on the inside. I’m sure my husband might think differently of me if I did do that.

Or he might not. He’s seen a lot from me.

How cool is it that the author of the Grishaverse is working onĀ  my homegirl’s teen years? Bardugo has a well grounded foundation in fantasy, having created a russian steampunk fantasy world for her novels. This leads me to believe that perhaps her novel will be set in Thymescira, Diana’s Amazonian home island.

Upon further research I found out that Bardugo isn’t the only one penning a superhero YA novel. The list gets even better, including Superman, Batman, and Catwoman. And the author line up? Just as kick ass.

Matt De La Pena is working on Superman while Marie Lu, author of The Young Elites (which we listened to on tape), will be working on the young Bat. I don’t know much about Pena, but I already know Lu might have what it takes.

Finally, another favorite of mine is heading Catwoman. I’m not the biggest fan of the illustrious jewel thief, but for Sarah J. Maas, a girl might be tempted to get to know her. Maas is the author of the wildly popular Throne of Glass series as well as my all time faves, A Court of Thorns and Roses as well as A Court of Mist and Fury.

These book are slated to be released sometime in 2017, Bardugo’s listed as August.

American Gods on Starz

The whispers have been going around for a while, but I haven’t paid them any real attention. So many times has television and the big screen tried to take on a book and failed. Perhaps the only book to film adaptation I’ve ever really loved has been the Harry Potter series (up until the last two films in which both put me to sleep).


American gods

Starz has decided to take on the major task of bringing a Neil Gaiman book to life on the small screen. And the trailer that was released during the San Diego Comic Con has me so freaking pumped. Click the gif above to head on over and watch the official trailer!

Ian McShane is playing Wednesday, Shadow’s mysterious mentor after he is released from jail. That’s just the bomb dot com right there. Peter Stormare, the coolest and creepiest actor out of Sweden, plays Czernobog, a slavic diety. And he looks boss wielding that massive, bloody weapon.

This honestly has me pretty excited to watch American Gods. I read the book almost ten years ago. It had to be my senior year or not long after that I found American Gods in my favorite library. From there I fell in love with Gaiman and everything he’s ever produced, except for maybe Anansi Boys, but even that was still pretty good.

In it, a convict named Shadow is released from jail only to find that his whole world is gone. Not long after he meets Wednesday, a mysterious old man who drags him across the country to meet all sorts of shady characters. Who wouldn’t call old, slavic gods shady? Along the way, Shadow has a few run ins with the new set of gods.

The things we worship today, fame and fortune and technology and so much more, are pushing the old gods out of the spotlight in one glorious and bloody shove. Too bad the old gods have Shadow.

Sadly, the only release date given for this awesome project is 2017.

How Niantic Ruined Pokemon Go

I swear they’re doing this to us just to get people off their servers. I mean why else would they be removing a bunch of cool features from such a new game. It has only been out about a month now, if that.

It started off really great. We were following pokemon around town, hitting all the poke-stops and actually having fun while we got some exercise in. And the quality time! Hubs and I hadn’t spent so much time doing anything together as we did with Pokemon Go at first. It was honestly great.


And then the servers crashed. And they didn’t want to fix it. Then the tracker stopped working properly. I mean, you could still track with it, but everything was kind of mis-labeled. We didn’t care. We still went out to find that growlithe after eight hours of adult work so that we could be kids again.

The other day my phone needed an operating system update. I wasn’t going to tell it no. But, then Pokemon Go forced me to update it as well. That’s when I realized that they’d not only removed the tracking features, but my Battery Saver Mode had disappeared.

Like what the hell?

The damn game already saps all of my battery. Now I can’t bring myself to walk out and about to hatch my two 10k eggs without fear of absolutely murdering my phone.

I just don’t get it, Niantic. We all really loved the game and what it was. I understand things had glitches and bugs, but to remove them altogether makes me just not want to play anymore. I’m never going to hatch those eggs and get the Lapras I’ve been dying for. My jigglypuff will never turn into a wigglytuff.

I really hope that you fix your issues soon so I can get back to the one game that I will willingly play with my husband.

SDCC Her Universe Fashion Show

In my teens I loved fashion. I had an opportunity to learn how to make clothing through an extneded school program and I’m kind of kicking myself for not doing it. At the time, I didn’t seem to fit in with what was fashionable, though. So I backed away from it, telling myself that it just wasn’t for me after all.


It would seem that I was totally wrong. For the past couple of years, not only has Her Universe been pumping out some really sick geek designs, but they’ve hosted entire fashion shows at the San Diego Comic Con! Every dress (or what have you) that comes down that runway is heavily inspired by the things that geeks love.

This year, Ashley Eckstein stepped out in a dress made completely of legos. Not only that, but it was sporting the face of Ahsoka from the Star Wars cartoons, a character that Eckstein, herself, voices!

I think my favorite was the Diana Prince Jacket that unfurled into a blazing Wonder Woman dress that sparkled under all those lights. It was freaking magnificent.


Wonder woman sdcc

I love love love the classic Wonder Woman colors in this dress! it was designed and made by Adria Sanchez-Chaidez, seen here wearing her own gown.

Oh, but there’s more!



There are LED lights in this one that create a glowing doe patronus in the skirt. How cool is this blend of technology and fashion? Also, if you look closely there are hints of Slytherin green not only in the boots, but in the underskirt as well.

The Always Patronus dress is designed and made by SZMOON.

There are a number of other dresses dedicated to all sorts of fandoms, such as Supernatural, The Never Ending Story, and Labyrinth. There are some that I just want to love because I love the Fandom, but can’t really find it in myself to love the design. Maybe you’ll like them better than me!

Fashion isn’t just for the stick thin models and politicians that can afford 1,200$ jackets. It’s for us, too, so that we look good at our new job or on our way to the bus. I know I feel pretty kick ass when I wear my Wonder Woman jewelry or like I could be spirited into another world when I wear my Ghibli get-up.

Check out the dresses here and vote for your favorite until August 11th!

I’d like to note that I in no way own the rights to these photos, they are property of Her Universe. I’m just using them to promote Her Universe and the Her Universe Fashion Show because I love both.