Character Sheet

Level 26 Bard with sharpened pencil at the ready and not-very-friendly feline companion.

Hey, I’m L.C. Chiasson, a twenty-six year old geeky kind of girl. It all started with the NES, watching dad play Super Mario and Legend of Zelda from the bouncer. In high school I devoured every book that came my way. In college I discovered comics and pledged myself to Diana of Themyscira. Three years ago I married the biggest nerd that I could find and discovered that I really liked tabletop RPGs.

Geek is just one label that I put on myself, but it cannot begin to describe everything that I am. Stories are my one true love (other than Bruce Campbell, of course). I love to write stories, read them, play them, and the very best one, live them. Pretty soon, I hope to be self-publishing my first novel and writing a geek themed cozy mystery because there are none out there.

I live in what has to be the coldest part of New York (no, not the city) with my bearded viking man and his despicable cat that we really should have named Morgoth. I sling ice-cream in the warm months for cash and write fiction for the pure and glorious feeling of utter frustration (and accomplishment). For you, I write non-fiction and honestly enjoy it.


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