Five Fandom Friday: Five TV Shows I Was Fashionably Late To

Sometimes being late to the party isn’t a bad thing at all. In the case of TV shows, when you’re late to the party there are inevitably at least a few seasons waiting for you to binge watch. Isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world?

Doctor Who


It wasn’t until pretty recently that I realized that this is one of my favorite shows. It began with Torchwood on a tiny screen in my friend’s RV. I didn’t realize exactly where it came from, but I was addicted to Captain Jack Harkness. I mean, who isn’t?

It wasn’t until I moved to California to be with my husband that he introduced me to Doctor Who. While we’d been apart, someone else had hooked him. I simply picked up where he’d left off with the Tenth Doctor and continued to watch until I had to go back full circle to the Eighth Doctor.

Did you know that they released River Song, Rose Tyler, and Captain Jack Harkness Funkos at Hot Topic. I grabbed River right away because she’s my gurl. I’m still drooling over the other two.


Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


I watched some anime while I was in my middle school/early high school years. It kind of tapered off until it held absolutely no interest for me anymore. Over ten years later, I’m reaching for Sailor Moon (and thinking of Card Captor Sakura) with nostalgic love.

Searching for something to watch together, hubs and I fell into Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He’d watched it in his teen years and I agreed to give it a chance. Oh boy, was I ever sucked in. This anime is set in fictional european-esque world with magical alchemy, intrigue, action, and SO MANY FEELS. The show goes right for the heart strings at the very beginning.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer


This was kind of before my time. I think I may have been eight or nine when it first aired, but that’s kind of a good thing. It means that I have ALL of the seasons waiting for me.  Sweet, strong Buffy caught between the life of a normal teen and a supernaturally strong chosen one hooked me.

I have to say that I’m probably only on season four right now. I’m rather impatiently waiting for Buffy and Spike’s relationship to happen. I’ve heard so many things about it and I can’t wait to feel all of Joss Whedon’s feels. That man writes incredible women.




This one I discovered all on my own. I was new to Monterey and had nothing to do with my life back then. I spent much of it perusing Netflix, searching for something to get me through the long days before hubs came home and I was no longer alone.

Sherlock ended up being that thing. The best part? There were already two seasons waiting for me. I was a bit spoiled for a Sherlock fan. The episodes were incredibly long, eating up much of my lonely days. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reminded me that deep down, I had a love for Sherlock Holmes stories that I’d never explored. This capricious, high functioning sociopath and his strong willed, loyal friend brought that into the 21st century in a way that seemed oh so right.




Again, this originally aired when I was kind of young. I vaguely remember commercials boasting the iconic spaceship, but I was ten. Firefly really came into my life during my friend’s visit to Monterey while Hubs was away. She could not believe that I hadn’t watched Firefly before, so she promptly poured us drinks and settled in for the greatest introductory lesson.

I’ll be honest. A lot of that first night was spent buzzed and chatting. But Firefly isn’t something you watch once and you’re done. There’s only one season, but those wonderful characters beg you to come back and re-experience their trials and joys, their humor and tears. Joss Whedon did it again.

I kind of believe that what makes it so great is the fact that there is only one season. It wasn’t drawn out for season after season, much like Charmed or Supernatural (not that I don’t love them). All of the glory that is a show’s first season was perfectly contained within itself with only a movie to tie up some loose ends and, of course, make us cry harder.


These are the five television shows that I arrived fashionably late to, but still adore above anything else. As a thanks for getting through all that, here’s my Funko Friday Tax!

photo 1



Author: Leah Chiasson

I am a twenty something geek, wife, writer, and all around goofy girl. I am a freelance writer as well as the author of Marked For The Hunt, available on, and the coming sequel, Marked as Prey. You can find me on and on my Patreon site!

17 thoughts on “Five Fandom Friday: Five TV Shows I Was Fashionably Late To”

    1. A lot of people are complaining about the newest Doctor, but change is kind of the point of the show. Embrace that and you’ll love it.

  1. Buffy and Spikes relationship is more hatred turned to tolerance turned to crazy crazy lust! I won’t spoil who really falls for who out of the two of them ;0) Two of the characters who are very mild go all dark and angsty also – again I won’t spoil it.

    Firefly again an awesome choice with Joss writing killer one-liners.

  2. Great list! Four out of five are some of my favorite shows, so I’m so glad you went back and caught up. I totally need to go back and watch Classic Who … someday.

    Love your River POP! I need to get one of those. And a Captain Jack. And I really hope they make a Donna, eventually.

    1. I’d like to watch the Classic Who someday too. I’m a big lover of classic TV, including Bewitched. I’m sure I’ll love Classic Who, or that it will at least fuel some crazy creative times.

      1. I’ve tried starting form the beginning a couple of times, and it was … rough. Still, I’d like to get to know more about the canon from the beginning, someday. 🙂

  3. I love these shows!!!!! I was late to several of them: Doctor Who, Firefly (Oh em geee I love Firefly… have you seen Serenity?) I haven’t seen much of FMA: Brotherhood yet, but my bestie talks about it all the time.

    Love, Jenn

  4. Argh, that River Song Funko is so cute! I’ll have to grab Rose first to go with my Ten Pop, but River will be next since she’s my very favorite character<3 FMA Brotherhood is one of the next animes I've ever seen! I got my husband to watch it with me recently which makes…four times I've watched it all the way through? So good every single time!

    1. River is definitely my favorite, too. I found her, grabbed her up and didn’t even think of putting her back. I’d like to watch the original FMA at least once. Then again, maybe I’m having withdrawals.

  5. Sherlock, Buffy, and Firefly made my list as well. We just finished all of Sherlock and I’m having major withdrawals 😦

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