Five Fandom Friday: Five Ways to Netflix and Chill

5fandomfriday(I need to make my own 5FF logo!)

I’ve been married three years. That doesn’t seem like much, but the innuendo behind the phrase Netflix and Chill is mostly gone for us. Mostly, but not completely. (Wink Wink).

Still, a lot of our time spent together involves watching our favorite shows and movies. I’m not going to center this completely around Netflix because there are so many other ways to watch TV these days. We don’t have traditional cable anymore. That shit is just too damn expensive. If I want to be weird and watch something like Food Network I just go hang out with my mom and watch their TV. They don’t care. They’re just happy I’m back in NY with them.

The best way to Netflix and Chill is to grab your favorite blankets (in the January NY temps I love my new electric blanket), make a bucket of popcorn, and grab your favorite person. With my husband this usually means grabbing an energy drink or a chai tea. With my best friend this means handing her my bottle of rum and mixing some diet pepsi with copious amounts of Grey Goose Vodka.

  1. Netflix: Who doesn’t love the almighty Netflix? They’ve recently upped their game by investing more in their own line of shows including our geek girl favorite, Jessica Jones. Admit it, we all ate that one up. My bestie gave me her password because Netflix loves to let you share (not that we all weren’t doing that beforehand). I’ve been using it to devour Once Upon a Time by myself.
  2. Hulu: We’ve been paying for this one for so long that I often forget we have it and then have this little epiphany when I’m sad I missed something on TV. Hubs and I watch shows like South Park and Death Note on Hulu while I watch The Mysteries of Laura, Sailor Moon, and Agent Carter by myself.
  3. Crunchy Roll: We haven’t really used this one yet, but it is a Netflix for Anime basically. Our friend left his information logged in on our family computer to our benefit  seeing as I’ve recently begun to fall back in love with Anime. It didn’t have Sailor Moon other than Crystal or even Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
  4. Movie Theater: Much of the beginning of our relationship was spent in movie theaters. Do you think I’m kidding? I have NINE laminated and framed stubs hanging on the living room wall. They were the first movies we ever saw together. Living in California we saw a movie every Friday. In Maryland is was fewer in between, but still a favorite pastime. For Valentines Day I’m taking Hubs to see Deadpool. I can’t wait!
  5. Youtube: This might be our most used form of video watching in this house. If hubs goes to bed at the same time as me we grab my tablet and pull up Youtube. Sometimes we watch Vine collections, sometimes it’s Pewdiepie, but it’s always quality cuddle time fur us.

The Most Honorable Mention:

  • Geek and Sundry: I hope that we all know what this is already. I love their collection of short films like Larp and The Guild. They also host Tabletop with Wil Wheaton (who I’ve outgrown) and our absolute favorite, Critical Role. I’m wearing my Christmas Critical Role hoodie as I write this in January! It air live on Twitch on Thursday nights. 10PM for us Easterners.

Author: Leah Chiasson

I am a twenty something geek, wife, writer, and all around goofy girl. I am a freelance writer as well as the author of Marked For The Hunt, available on, and the coming sequel, Marked as Prey. You can find me on and on my Patreon site!

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