Comics Created and Published by Ladies: Emet Comics

The other day I got a peek into a super cool new comic publisher, thanks to Megan Gotch of The Nerdy Girlie.

Emet Comics focuses on female writers and artists in order to not only empower women, but to foster a supportive and inspiring community of creators and readers. Who among us doesn’t want to get behind that? Maytal Gilboa is the woman behind the company, the founder and CEO that began life as a funny child falling off toilets and found her way to Reel FX Creative Studios before starting her comic publishing business.

Emet Comics wants to be an out of the box business, publishing one offs every few weeks and creating anthologies along the way. Many of the comics that I read in their line up felt like they had super complex and rich stories that needed way more than just one comic, making me excited to see what is to come.

  • Inside the Loop, written by Cindy Tobisman and art by Lynne Yoshii: This one was graphically much darker than some of the other comics they offer. Tora Wellborne was a detective before her quarantine, leaving her with a tattoo to tell others she many fully be free of the disease. When her physical comes back positive for the disease, she goes on a search inside the Loop, the city run by Bosses.
  • The Wendy Project, written by Melissa J. Osborne and art by Veronica Fish: I fell in love with the sketch-like graphics of this comic, splashed here and there with watercolor like emphasis. Young Wendy Davies and her brothers are involved in a car accident and she swears that she sees her brother fly off into the sky, but everyone keeps telling her he’s dead. Wendy struggles with her sanity while keeping a sketch diary as those around her become characters from Peter Pan.
  • Helena Rose, written by E.O. Levendorf and art by Sonia Liao: A sci-fi fairy tale unlike anything I’ve read before, Helena Rose revolves around a young girl with heart disease. Only thing is that her heart is a wilting rose. Everyone in the story has a flower for a heart and her’s is wilting. Brave and bullheaded, Helena Rose is on her way to finding her own cure.
  • Finding Molly, written by Justine Prado and art by Jenn St.Onge: This might have been my favorite only because I could relate. Molly is a starving artist living with her suffocating parents until she’s asked to cat sit. The cat she babysits is so much like my horrendous cat, Hex, that I literally laughed out loud.
  • Zana, written by Jean Barker and art by Joey Granger: Zana is a young girl of mixed race in an alternate universe where Africa is largely segregated. When Royals ask her tribe to cut back on it’s population, bullheaded Zana might find herself in a lot of trouble.
  • Romeo and Juliet with Guns, written by Emily Dell and art by Molly Helms: It is exactly how it sounds. The Capulet and Montoya families are famous assassins and when a hit goes wrong Rome Montoya and Jo Capulet find themselves trapped in eachother’s company.

I read all of these in a single day, I was so pulled in. The Wendy Project and Finding Molly were definitely two of my favorites. If I ever start getting ahead financially I’d gladly pick up more from Emet Comics, including some of their swag. They have some cute cat inspired tees to go with Finding Molly. If you’re a reader, consider dropping a few bucks to pick these up and if you’re a female creator see if Emet Comics is right for you.


Author: Leah Chiasson

I am a twenty something geek, wife, writer, and all around goofy girl. I am a freelance writer as well as the author of Marked For The Hunt, available on, and the coming sequel, Marked as Prey. You can find me on and on my Patreon site!

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