Will The Joker Rise in Gotham

I didn’t think I’d love it, but I really do.

I’m talking about Gotham. It follows a young and determined Officer Jim Gordon through his first years as a homicide detective in the infamous city that seems unable to choose between the fifties and early 2k years. Young Gordon is setting a flaming moral path through Gotham, taking down anyone he deeps evil even if it means taking down one of his own to clean up the city.

Through Gordon’s romps through the city, we meet all sorts of characters in their youth. Poison Ivy is a weird little girl and Catwoman is an established teenage thief (with a possible thing for young Bruce Wayne). The Penguin is a socially awkward mafia man and the Riddler is an even more socially awkward forensic specialist that brings a bit of fun to the dark city. One of my favorite characters might be Alfred Pennyworth. He is the man behind the Bat.

In Gotham, Alfred is a retired Air Force vet from the UK. War and service is all this man knows until he finds himself attempting to raise a very determined and strange young boy. His isn’t at all prepared to be a father figure, but I’d say he’s doing a damn fine job of raising Batman (other children I’m not too sure about). My favorite line had to have been when Alfred called Bruce a “Cheeky Monkey”. I laughed so loud that my husband paused the show and waited for me to finish.

Now, I’m not even done with the first season yet so bear with me, but there is a real question itching the back of my brain. We, the viewers, get this sneak peek into the pasts of so many iconic characters, but we seem to be missing one of the most iconic characters of all. I’d argue the most if it weren’t for the Bat.

Where is the Joker?


At the beginning of “Red Hood”, my hopes soared. In the comics, the Joker was the very first Red Hood, a common thief with a strange red hood. Bats hunted him down and accidentally dropped him into a giant vat of crazy and voila! Joker. So when this young guy with a penchat for humor and a red hood hops onto a counter I thought that we had the real thing.

Big nope.

The guy is dead before you can laugh. My heart sank. I could have really like this guy. I wanted to like this guy. Now, we’re left with creepy Jerome Valeska from a previous episode. There’s a lot of rumors going around that he is or isn’t the joker. I’m not entirely convinced myself. He has the cooky (I mean creepy) laugh, but not the backstory that I want to see. The Joker wasn’t some circus kid that killed his mother. Jerome apparently plays a larger part soon, from all the gifs and pics of this guy’s insane laughter, but I still have a lot of catching up to do.


Will we ever see the rise of the iconic Joker in Gotham? Who was the kid that picked up the red hood at the end of the “Red Hood” episode? And who is Harley Quinn? Sometimes I put my money on Lesley, Jim’s hot doctor girlfriend. The girl from the bank in the “Red Hood” episode also kind of fits the bill. Lesley is a bigger shock to the viewers, which is why I’m hoping it will be her.

Gotham has pulled me in, hook, line, and smart talking Harvey Bullock. Keeping up without cable might prove to be irritating, but I’m definitely looking forward to what it has in store for us. So many comic/book turned tv/movie has failed us that it seems a miracle to find one that hasn’t. Fish Mooney wasn’t cannon, but she was fun while she was part of the Gotham mafia. I lost interest in her when she was booted. Her return was an expected twist. Sorry, not sorry. I’m not so sure that Gotham won’t fail me when it comes to the Joker.

Please, please don’t fail me.


Author: Leah Chiasson

I am a twenty something geek, wife, writer, and all around goofy girl. I am a freelance writer as well as the author of Marked For The Hunt, available on Amazon.com, and the coming sequel, Marked as Prey. You can find me on Leahcorrinewrites.wordpress.com and on my Patreon site!

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