A Confession for Marvel

When my husband and I first started dating, it was comics that really brought us together. Whenever we had a free moment, we would meet each other at our favorite comic shop (Sanctuary Comics). The new 52 from DC had just began and we were pulling just about every story arc each week, from Aquaman (which had a brilliant 52 run for such an underrated character) to Wonder Woman. Then we would make our way to Denny’s for a bite while we snuggled in the booth and read our new comics.
I loved DC Comics before that, having fallen in love with Wonder Woman as an icon long before we met. She was exactly what I needed, a brunette that cannot be beaten. Even in the worst of circumstances that girl had everything figured out (the perky Wonder Woman in her original incarnation in the Golden Age of comics). Even her slightly confused incarnation, written by Jodi Picoult, inspired me.
But I digress. The point of this is to say that Marvel Comics never really appealed to me. Sure, I watched all the Marvel cartoons as a kid (everything from all the X-Men cartoons to the nineties Spider-man), but I never once thought of picking up their comics while shopping or flipping through their pages. No one I knew ever really had anything great to say about the company so I never gave it a chance. Why not keep the characters I loved as a kid in the same golden memory state?
Recently, I noticed something.
While DC Comics has it right on the page, they can’t seem to make a good movie. At least not one that I’m willing to watch more than once. On the other hand, Marvel hasn’t gotten great reviews for their print stories, but their movies… well those are blockbusters. (Of course, when you bring Joss Whedon into anything it comes out gold, in my opinion.) These movies have the right balance of fun, humor, and intense plot that makes you fall in love with the characters.
But, I think I blabbered on a bit about the things I’m not really obsessed with. What I really do love is actually a spin off. I don’t really trust television shows to do justice with comic characters, but they hit the nail on the head with Agent Carter.
She didn’t stand out too much for me in the first Captain America movie. That might have been because of my issue with sitting still through movies at that time. But, I gave her a chance when the show came across Hulu and I haven’t looked back.
Haley Atwell plays Peggy Carter, the woman that stood by Captain America in his first film. Captain America is presumed dead and the war is over. Peggy, a woman used to action and authority in the war, is now just another woman in the States. She’s overlooked by the men all around her. Well, most of them anyway. Howard Stark needs her and Edwin Jarvis might be the only man in the show to truly respect her.
The show is about her fight for a life that she misses, the one where she is in charge again. She takes on Howard Stark’s mission to prove his innocence, risking everything she’s made of her life.
I was stunned when Enver Gjokaj’s character, Daniel Sousa, stands up for her in the very first episode she orders him down. I was so very proud of his actions until she spoke. And her words made a lot more sense. She wastes no time in telling him that she’s perfectly capable of handling herself and that she doesn’t need him undervaluing her by speaking for her. She knows her own value, those famous words.
This woman and her story won me over to the point where I was sitting on the floor in front of my tv, entirely consumed. The only problem with the show, for me, was that it was only eight episodes long. Season two is in the works, thank the heavens. They’re moving her from NYC to Los Angeles to deeper explore what it is that makes Peggy Agent Carter.

Now, I just need to find an Agent Carter Funko!


Author: Leah Chiasson

I am a twenty something geek, wife, writer, and all around goofy girl. I am a freelance writer as well as the author of Marked For The Hunt, available on Amazon.com, and the coming sequel, Marked as Prey. You can find me on Leahcorrinewrites.wordpress.com and on my Patreon site!

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