Attack of the Fatties!

There’s a stigma surrounding the term “fat” that makes it more-or-less offensive, especially the nasty way it gets thrown around in today’s culture of stick-thin supermodels. So when I threw out the word “fatty” at a gaming convention a couple years back in reference to the cupcakes I was selling, I immediately felt bad because I knew that if anyone had overheard me, they may have mistaken my meaning and taken offense.

Given it’s a couple years later and I’m still thinking about it, you can see how much it has bothered me. So… I just want to clear the air and make it known how I define the term, “fatty,” because I consider myself among the ranks even though I’ve been skinny-ish my entire life.

To me, a “fatty” comes in every shape and size. It has nothing to do with obesity. Rather, it refers to those of us that love junk food and just can’t pass up a good dose of sugar (or salt, I suppose, as chips are considered junk food). Ice cream is my vice – I just can’t say no to ice cream! Cupcakes, cookies (thin mints!), candy… I love me some sugar. And popcorn… I can eat an entire regular-sized bag in one sitting. By myself.

So to sum up:

Fatty (n): a lover of junk food.


Author: rsgreenfield

I was born and raised and still live in Central NY with my husband and our son. Despite having lived here my whole life, I still barely tolerate the cold winters. My full name is Ryan Greenfield. My mom used to watch Ryan's Hope, and named me after the little girl on the show. I chose to use my initials as my author name, not because I feel it's a "Man's World" and I have to in order to get ahead, but because R. S. Greenfield just sounds like a fantasy author (J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, J. K. Rowling ...). I've been going back to school for Creative Writing, and I'm down to two semesters left. I've always loved reading, my favorite authors and inspiration being David Farland and Stephen King. In addition to writing, I also love crafting and baking. I have a creative spirit and sometimes I can’t focus on just one thing. I like to joke about having multiple muses that argue across my shoulders over what I’m going to do on any given night.

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