Wonder Woman: Seeing my Hero on the Big Screen

My lovely lunchbox turned jewelry box.
My lovely lunchbox turned jewelry box.

My very first tattoo was supposed to be a reminder to myself to stay strong and optimistic. My hubby, boyfriend at the time, had just gone off to Basic Training and I was heading to my first semester at a big university. My life was spinning circles so I got the classic Wonder Woman title script on my ribcage.

I adore the original Wonder Woman comics not only for their campyness, but for her attitude. No matter what happened to her she assured everyone that she could deal with it, in fact, they all could. She could be strapped to a missile with her bracelets bound and she’d still take care of it with a smile. I once said that I needed a drawer of nothing but Wonder Woman shirts for an antidepressant.

My obsession with Wonder Woman began in my community college days and involved a lot of skipping classes to visit the local comic shop. While I have graduated with my Associates and moved on, I still love the Amazon woman more than any other hero. Maybe it was the fact that we’re both brunettes that first drew me in, but since then everything her and her story has had to offer has made me fall deeper and deeper in love.

Not too long ago, DC Comics decided to initiate the New 52 reboot. A lot of people are moaning and groaning about the whole thing, but I’m giving them a high five for a lot of what has come out of it. I mean Super Girl never seemed like much more than a tart to me, but once they put Michael Green, Mike Johnson, and allowed Mahmud Asrar to give her this awesome new costume she became multidimensional and riveting.

I don’t really like my Wonder Woman looking like a man, but Cliff Chiang’s version made it seem okay. Gone is the fine detailed musculature and in its place is heavy black lines and wonderful shading. Brian Azarello even brought her Greek heritage to the page with his dark new story all the while keeping to her attitude that anything can be done and that all life is sacred.

Now, we are hearing the news that in the next Batman vs. Superman flick there will be a big role for our beloved Amazon. The news of who will be playing Batman kind of throws me, but the man with the cowl has a plethora of previous movies. I’m going to be watching this one for the Woman alone (and maybe Jason Momoa as Aquaman because I fell in love with both of them).

The original Wonder Woman was Linda Carter and she had the only costume that really mattered. It was the traditional red bodice with the blue bottoms with the white stars and a gold eagle emblazoned across her chest. It was a typical seventies show, lots of bad effects and campy stories, but she was the embodiment of the can-do Wonder Woman of the comics. I don’t know about you, but I love the show despite itself.

Recently, sources all across the internet were talking about a possible Wonder Woman television show. Adrienne Palicki as the prime time Wonder Woman just wasn’t cutting it for me. The costume was too shiny and consisted of way too much spandex for an Amazon warrior. I was kind of irate when it never aired, but when I hunted down a sample trailer for the show I was more than relived it never happened.

Gal Gadot as the next Wonder Woman?

You know what? I’m totally on board for that. There’s femininity in her face with her big, lush lips, but theres also a harness about her that says she can take on the world. Sources say that her costume will be a grittier variation on her classic costume and that she’s going to be wielding more than just her Lasso of Truth. This is a girl trained by the best female warriors in mythology, why wouldn’t she be skilled in weaponry? I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to see this happen. But that also raises another question.

When will she have her own damned movie?

The internet says that there is an obvious demand for it as women all across the world raise their heads in indignation. Give us not only Wonder Woman, but the rest of the female cast as well. I’m sure there’s a crowd out there waiting for the Black Widow movie or Batgirl movie. Gender aside, what television show or movie would you like to see happen?


Author: Leah Chiasson

I am a twenty something geek, wife, writer, and all around goofy girl. I am a freelance writer as well as the author of Marked For The Hunt, available on Amazon.com, and the coming sequel, Marked as Prey. You can find me on Leahcorrinewrites.wordpress.com and on my Patreon site!

1 thought on “Wonder Woman: Seeing my Hero on the Big Screen”

  1. I’d like to see an action movie (not necessarily a super-hero movie) that would have an all-female cast (other than the incidental support roles), and storyline to boot.

    Time to grow a new branch on the genre tree …

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